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Phil Beaven, Managing Director


Role at The Sampler - Far much more than I ever imagined when accepting the job!

Hobbies - Working my way through our amazing range and trying to come to terms with my allergy to anything red! Breathing a sigh of relief when returning home each evening to Oxfordshire, gardening and spending time with my family.

Contact Phil regarding: 
Retail, Wholesale & Private Client



Christina Holzer, Buying, Logistics and Private Client Manager


Role at The Sampler - Getting paid to taste and order wines with someone else’s money. Then shipping the stuff which involves worrying about custom strikes, hail in vineyards, trying to communicate with wine makers in different time zones and languages. Also helping with the restaurant sales and drinking litres of tea. 

Hobbies - Trying to learn French to improve communication with wine makers. According to Alexandre Filaine, one of our Champagne growers, my French is “charming”, which means I still have a long way to go. Also wine in general, as studying for to be a Master of Wine doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Luckily this also includes lots of trips to wine regions.

Contact Christina regarding: 
Buying, Logistics and Private Client Sales


Jamie Hutchinson, Founder


Role at The Sampler - Buying booze. Talking about booze. Drinking booze. Having headaches.

Hobbies - Drinking, fishing, bread baking, sausage making, boring customers half to death via email. Trying to love cycling too, but currently feels a bit like hard work and doesn't fit in with the headaches.

Contact Jamie regarding: 
Selling your old and rare bottles to The Sampler


Matt James, Islington


Role at The Sampler - Assistant Manager and selecting (drinking) our craft beer range.

Hobbies - Music, going to gigs, exploring London, collecting books which I really should read one day, Aston Villa and hanging around with my dog Squire.

Contact Matt regarding: 
Craft Beer and Australian Imports


Dawn Mannis, Founder


Role at The Sampler - Quality control, interfering in everything, talking. Co-managing the Islington shop with Matt.

Hobbies - Utilising staff discount, eating - especially spicy food, fish and crisps. Making playlists. Walking Ivy. Pubs.

Contact Dawn regarding: 
Wedding Lists


William Roots, Wimbledon


Role at The Sampler - Assistant Manager

Hobbies - experiments with hops & (beer) home-brewing, occasional bike-rides and, when I can afford it, skiing - plus, of course, any avoidance activities to distract from revising for wine-theory exams! 

Contact William regarding: 
Tasting Events


Ben Slater, Trade Sales Manager


Role at The Sampler - Buying for USA, Spain, Portugal.

Hobbies - Making Cider, eating ham.

Contact Ben regarding: 
Restaurant, Wholesale and American, Spanish, and Portugese Imports


Arthur Verdin, Wimbledon


Role at The Sampler - Manager

Hobbies - Playing cricket, travelling, complaining, walking (normally in the wrong direction or into inaccessible areas), cooking successfully, cooking but with delusions of grandeur which leads to failure and tears. Reading.

Contact Arthur regarding: 
Tasting Events



Angelina Wong, Head Office


Role at The Sampler - Assistant Manager. Buying, Locistics and Private Client

Hobbies - Hunting down best coffeeshops and restaurants, travelling, wandering around and seeing new sights

Contact Angelina regarding: 
Buying, Logistics and Private Client Sales 



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