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About Us


Pedals Delivery is a fully green bicycle courier service based in London. They are dedicated to getting products from A to B in an affordable and eco-conscious manner.


Pedals empowers local cyclists in the community to turn a hobby into a flexible and fulfilling career.


They are also focused on making a sustainable difference by helping to improve London’s air one delivery at a time.


Pedals’ cheerful neighborhood cyclists will always go that extra mile to make sure the package is hand delivered to the recipient. Even if that means taking a few extra minutes to go past reception and find that persons desk directly. Pedals cyclists know that saying something as small as have a nice day makes all the difference.


So if it’s a bottle of wine with a personal touch that you need delivered to your friend because you couldn’t make it to their party, or you just simply want your favorite bottle delivered to your doorstep. Pedals will take care of it.


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