If you run a restaurant, bar or hotel and are looking for new and interesting wines to sell to your customers - we can help!


The Sampler can now offer a dedicated, bespoke list for the trade, focusing on wines we import directly from small producers and covering a range of different countries throughout Europe.


As we've grown, our success has meant we've been able to expand our portfolio and increase the volume of wine that we ship straight from estates. This means we can source genuinely interesting, characterful wines from lesser known producers rather than stocking brand names.


Our list has a distinct European feel and features small producers from such diverse regions as Bordeaux, Rioja, Piedmont and Burgundy among many others. Many of our wines are produced organically or biodynamically and reflect the passion of their producers and the make-up of their terroir.


A particular strength of ours is Grower Champagne. With over 13 different growers each producing their own distinct style of champagne there is something to suit every palate and every budget.


For more information please contact Ben on 0207 225 5091 or by email at ben@thesampler.co.uk

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