Meet our Team



Dawn Mannis, Founder

Role at The Sampler - Quality control, interfering in everything, talking.
Hobbies - Utilising staff discount, eating - especially spicy food and crisps. Making playlists. Pubs.

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 Dpd Buying, Wedding Lists, The Friday Email


Jamie Hutchinson, Founder

Role at The Sampler - Buying old and rare booze. Talking about booze. Drinking booze. Having headaches.
Hobbies - Drinking, fishing, bread baking, sausage making. Trying to love cycling too, but currently feels a bit like hard work and doesn't fit in with the headaches.

Contact Jamie regarding: 
Selling your old and rare bottles to The Sampler


Matt James, Islington

Role at The Sampler - Manager, Buyer
Hobbies - Music, going to gigs, exploring London, collecting books which I really should read one day, Aston Villa and hanging around with my dog Squire.

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 Buying, Islington


Yassine Saleh, Islington

Role at The Sampler - Assistant Manager, Managing our Private Client Sales
                     Hobbies - Mad about Syrah, Pinot Noir, Riesling and Nebbiolo! Other hobbies include all lentils related dishes, pasta fanatic, discovering new restaurants, fine wine, art movies, Tequila, Mezcal and eating more lentil related foods.

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En primeur or if you need help curating your cellar




Mario Tomekovic, Wimbledon

Role at The Sampler - Manager

Hobbies - Cycling around and especially in the wine regions of Europe. History, architecture and technology. Love to travel and experience new places and people. Very passionate about Natural wines. Enjoying wine as honest and pure bond between mankind and nature.

Contact Mario regarding:
All things in Wimbledon


Marion Tardiveau, Wimbledon

Role at The Sampler - Assistant Manager
Hobbies - Learning Chinese, making costumes, trying to get on with the WSET, reading a lot during rainy afternoon. Of course, learning and talking about wine; I can't resist sparklings!!

Contact Marion regarding: 
Tasting Events, Private Clients