Selosse Vintage 2009

Selosse Vintage 2009


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Grower Champagne – small producers, superb quality, great value

Anselme Selosse is probably the most renowned grower champagne winemaker there is. He has helped to inspire the growth in grower champagnes and now his champagnes are incredibly sought after – not to mention quite pricey! To some he has breathed new life into the world of champagne and his oak-aged wines represent the pinnacle. Others say that they are not true champagnes at all – just wine with bubbles. Whatever your view, there is no denying the personality and originality of these wines.
Based on the Cote des Blancs, Selosse has 7.5 hectares spread over 47 parcels, all vinifed separately. Interestingly he is revered by both organic and biodynamic winemakers- but he refuses to be labelled as either and will treat his vines as he deems necessary. He did in fact experiment with biodynamics for 5 years but gave up in 2001, finding it too strict and dogmatic.
Fermentation is with indigenous yeast and occurs in oak barrel – a portion of which is always new. Malolactic fermentation may or may not take place: Selosse seems unconcerned either way. The wines are very much oxidative in style and very vinous; rich and concentrated but they still exhibit real finesse and elegance.

Extremely unusual, even within the bounds of Selosse. Made without any sulphur addition and bottled at 14% alcohol, this certainly isn’t your standard champagne! Very dense and weighty with a velvety texture.

Grapes: 100% Chardonnay


NB: Very limited stock, limited to 1 bottle per customer when bought alongside 6 bottles of Selosse Initiale

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